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J. Manuel Herrera
Herrera for City Council

2608 Van Winkle Lane
San Jose, CA 95116
FPPC #1318212



(Partial list. Titles are for identification only.)

  Marianne Williamson, Author and Speaker
John Robbins, Author and Speaker
Marci Shimoff, Author and Speaker
Gerard Senehi, Entertainer
Elected Officials
  Anna Song, President, Santa Clara County Board of Education
     "Manuel Herrera knows that Eastside's future will be determined by the opportunities that we provide our community's children. As an experienced high school district trustee, he always puts families first; as our new Councilmember, J. Manuel Herrera will connect needed City resources to District 5's more than 25,000 kids."

Rose Herrera, Councilmember, City of San Jose

Frank Biehl, Trustee, East Side Union High School District, and President, Santa Clara County School Boards Association
     "I’m supporting Manuel Herrera because he takes the time to listen. He’s thoughtful, understanding, and thorough. He’s a man who can be trusted to do the right thing."

Esau Herrera, Trustee, Alum Rock Union School District
Dolores Marquez, Trustee, Alum Rock Union School District
Sylvia Alvarez, Trustee, Evergreen School District
Marsha Grilli, Trustee, Milpitas Board of Education
Ellen Wheeler, Trustee, Mountain View Whisman School District
Carol Myers, Former Trustee, San Jose Unifed School District
  East Side Teachers Association
     "The East Side Teachers Association proudly endorses Manuel Herrera, who is a graduate of the district and a long time supporter of our kids, our community, our teachers and our classified staff. His leadership has made a difference for all of us over the years."
     - Marisa Hansen, President, East Side Teachers Association

San Jose Federation of Teachers
     "The San Jose Federation of Teachers supports J. Manuel Herrera for San Jose City Council because of his leadership and sensitivity to the needs of our community. Manuel has been a champion of many causes and, as a school board trustee, his loyalty and continuous support for the unique need of adult education have never faltered."
     - Jennifer Lewis, Co-President, San Jose Federation of Teachers

La Raza Roundtable
      "Manuel has a history of listening to his constituency. He is by far the most qualified to represent District 5."
     - Victor R. Garza, Chair, La Raza Roundtable

Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter

El Observador, Silicon Valley's Bilingual Spanish Language Newspaper
  Marisa Hanson, President East Side Teachers Association
Jennifer Lewis, Co-President, San Jose Federation of Teachers
Neil Silverman, Educator, East Side Adult Education, Executive Board, San Jose Federation of Teachers
Steve Schramko, Educator, East Side Adult Education
Bruce Berg, Executive Director, California Teachers Association
Valli Sharp-Geisler, Educator, East Side Adult Education
Lidia Reguerin, Escuela Popular, Charter School
Patricia Reguerin, Director, Escuela Popular, Charter School
Cathy Giammona, Administrator, ESUHSD
Roberto Ibarra, Administrator, ESUHSD
"I’ve observed that you can always count on Manuel Herrera to have a level head in moments of crisis, he doesn’t go with the political flow. I know that Manuel is going to listen and respect my perspective. He approaches things reasonably, thoughtfully, and ultimately makes the wise decisions for the long term. If our city gets what our school district has had for 20 years, we’re all going to be better off."
Wendy Stegeman, Educator, ESUHSD
Rich Uribe, Educator, ESUHSD
Tim Nguyen, Educator, ESUHSD
"Mr. Herrera is the type of leader we need in City Hall. He understands our community and has shown he is able to bring together groups of people to work on a common cause."
Jerry Dyer, Educator, ESUHSD
John Blair, Educator, ESUHSD
Harriet Garcia, Educator, ESUHSD
Macario Ortiz, Educator, ESUHSD
Michael Winsatt, Educator, ESUHSD
Gerri Forté, Administrator, ESUHSD
Elias Chamorro, Retired ESUHSD educator
     "Manuel is extremely articulate, well educated, very experienced in decision making and dealing with tough issues, and he has a history of being fair. Manuel is by far the best candidate."
Nick Leon, Retired ESUHSD Educator
Bob Nunez, Former Superintendent, ESUHSD
Dr. Joel Herrera, Administrator, Oak Grove School District
Neil Kozuma, SJ Conservation Corp and Charter School
Joe Frausto, Educator and Former Board Member, Alum Rock Unified School District
Frank Hernandez, Educator, Alum Rock Unified School District
Aurora Quevedo, Administrator, Alum Rock Unified School District
Dan Cochran, Educator, Downtown College Prep
David Herrera, Principal, Cesar Chavez Academy
Norma Rodriquez, Principal, Dorsa Elementary School
Jer Soriano, Assistant Principal, San Jose High Academy
Alberto Verduzco, Educator, Mt View Whisman School District
Dr. Ann Lopez, Environmental Science Professor, SJCC
Oralia Espinoza, San Jose State University
Derek Grasty, Principal, Hayward Unified School District
Linda Deer Domnitz, Retired Teacher
Jeffrey Malone, Professor, JFK University
Tom Potterfield, President, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Marilyn Manning, Trustee, Institute for Transpersonal Psychology
Public Safety
  Michael Fields, Retired San Jose Firefighter
"I’m supporting Manuel Herrera because he understands what our community needs. He has the maturity and experience to get things done at City Hall."
Adam Duran, Correctional Officer, Santa Clara County
Business Community
  Chris Arriola, Deputy District Attorney, past president SCC Bar Association
Mario Badillo, Owner, Mario's Hair Styling
Julio Baisa, Real estate
David Bonilla, CEO, Premiere Properties & Mortgages
Sal Cuevas, President, Casa Blanca Real Estate
Val De Leon, Insurance agent
John D. Dumas, Owner, Minds of the Future Salon & Learning Center
Carolina Farias, Small business owner
     "We need self-sacrificing, progressive, and kind people like Manuel who dreams of making our city a better place for all of us."

Jaime Gallardo, Attorney
David Garcia, Small business owner
Ruben Garcia, Financial planner
Al Garza, Real estate agent
Paul Guerrero, Attorney
Jason Herrera, Escrow officer
Mike Keirstead, Insurance agent
"Manuel Herrera and his family have been my clients for more than 30 years. I admire the amazing community service that Manuel and the Herrera family are so well known for."
Sammy and Hyun Kim, Owners, Pollo Rico Restaurant
"Manuel has been a loyal customer and good friend of our business for more than 20 years."
Diana LaCome, Small business owner
Eduardo Martinez, Architect
Hilbert Morales, Publisher, El Observador
Earsie Mike, CEO, Sesa Woruban Inc.
Mary Preciado, Owner, Design Mary
Roger Reguerin, Realtor
Peter Rehon, Attorney
Lisa Roberts, Attorney
Irma Romero, Owner, Quick Learning School
Ray Ruiz, President, CDR Inc.
Ron Schmidt, Communications
Vera Simental, Payroll Manager
Miriam Weinstein, Owner, Sage Works Press
Nonprofit Leaders
  Rose Amador
"With more than 20 years of hard work, Manuel has been responsible to this community. He will bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to the city council and do a great job for the Eastside."
Dr. Michael Abkin
Patricia Chiapellone
Kerri Hamilton
Basil Robledo
Ocean Robbins
Yvonne St. John-Dutra
Fred Villasenor
Religious Leaders
  Sal Alvarez, Chaplain
Chris Aguilera, Chaplain
Sam Herrera, Pastor
Madaline Molina, Pastor of El Buen Pastor, District 5
Rev. Philip Morales, Pastor of Templo Juan 3:16, District 5
  "I have known Manuel and the Herrera family since Manuel’s childhood days when the Herrera’s were church members here for many years. Manuel and his family are well known and very much loved."
Community Members
  Richard Alvarez
Bea Baechle
Jeremy Barousse
Joshua Barousse
Rudy Belluomini
Barbara Benjamin
Lupe and Frank Bejarano
Marge Blair
Mary Boline
Manuel Campos
Mario Campos
Raul Colunga
Willard Davis
Stephen Dinan
Mary and Daniel Esparza
Arturo Fass
Manuel Fass
Bill Ferguson
Charlie Fortes
Jeanne Furstoss
Lionel Gambill
Danny Garcia
Robert Garcia
Victor Garza
Elicia Gaska
Robert Green
Jody Grizzle
Robin Goodman
Lion Goodman
Robert Hamilton
Barbara Hansen
JR Herrera
Matilde Herrera
Terry Herrera
Samantha Herrera-Loya
Daniel Hoffman
Eloy Jimenez, Jr.
Rafael Jimenez
Lakshmi Kerner
Vinay Khanna
Patricia Klauer
Davonne LaCome
Karl Lewberger
Enrique Maciel
Connie Martinez
Lynne Michelson
Devaa Mitchell
Henry J. Morillo
Olga Osbourne
Elba Quispe
Margie Ramirez
Lynda Ramirez Jones
 "Manuel knows the needs of our families, young people, and seniors. His leadership in education and work helping the disenfranchised make him the best candidate for our community."
Laura Rivera
Rebecca Rivera
Stephen Rosenthal
Rogelio Ruiz
Linda Santaella
Victor Santaella
Vince Scarich
Sam Sepulveda
Vern Taylor
Nga Trinh-Halperin
Lita Torrez
Lilia Valencia
Herman Vasquez
Gil Villagran
Ethan Willard
Michael Ybarra

"When I was a student at Evergreen College, I was part of Camp Everytown, an excellent program for at-risk youth. Mr. Herrera was the program administrator. I was very impressed with his dedication to youth. That’s why I’m supporting him."

Thank you for your support!

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Herrera for City Council
June 8, 2010


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